Each project presents a unique challenge, and we work to meet those challenges effectively every single time. As your Melbourne structural engineering consultants, we are committed to providing you designs which will withstand all kinds of stresses and strains. Our structural design involves finding the simplest, reliable and optimised structural solutions that effectively meet client’s goals and expectations.


Our Melbourne civil design solutions can be coupled with our structural design services for a complete design package. With our experience and exposure in the building and construction industry, we are able to come up with an innovative and detailed design and get faster approvals through council and government authorities so that our clients can commence their projects on time.


Councils require a site classification for all new residential developments and most extensions and alterations. It is important to find a geotechnical engineer who can carry out a soil test that will yield reputable results and give you the answers you need. Our soil tests will help bring down the cost of construction and in turn saving you money.