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PSE consulting is one of Melbourne’s most innovative engineering consulting firms, providing civil and structural engineering expertise and innovative, sustainable design solutions for our clients’ projects.

We understand what a difference forward thinking engineering consulting companies can make to reducing build costs and optimising design performance, and we are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to turn your exciting and complex ideas into reality.

We like to work closely with our clients. Being a leader amongst similar firms and companies in the industry, we mix our established reputation for benchmark breaking originality with the creativity and vision of those in our care. Our success as civil and structural consultants does not come from getting the most out of single-interactions. Through nurtured collaboration, and heavy investment in growing business relationships, we grow together on multiple projects with companies that stay with us for many years.

Providing cost effective, innovative and efficient structural engineering solutions

With experience and ability across the civil, structural and geotechnical engineering specialities, at PSE Consulting we work with building and architectural companies across Melbourne to find efficient and sustainable design solutions for projects of all sizes, from single family to multi-unit residential builds.

Offering end-to-end project consultation, we stand out from other consulting firms for our efficient designs, great turnaround times, and commitment to investing in upskilling our consultants and using the most advanced technology available so we remain up to date on Melbourne building standards and the latest innovations in design solutions.

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At PSE Consulting, we go beyond other firms to find cost-saving and time-efficient answers to your civil, structural and geotechnical engineering problems to ensure that your building project is finished on time, and on budget. To speak to our Melbourne consultants about your next project, or for any further information about our services, reach out on (03) 9190 8938, email us directly at or via our enquiry page. We look forward to begin working on your future projects together.




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